Welcome! My mission is to help overwhelmed women break free from toxic emotional eating and nutritional cycles by transforming their mindset through an actionable approach that embraces biblical + cultural principles to overcome any obstacle and enjoy a life full of purpose and impact.

I empower women to conquer anxieties around weight loss and weight management, overcome their fears, and become the beautifully nourished, and thriving women they were created to be.
I can help you if…
  • You are looking for step-by-step guide on how to eat healthier and be at a healthy weight.

  • Need support on how to heal and create healthy boundaries for yourself

  • Desire to learn how to overcome eating habits and daily obstacles that keep you from achieving weight loss and weight management goals.

  • Need help navigating through the healing journey but don’t want to do yoga or rely on crystals to “find yourself”

  • Want a coach that will focus on your unique story to design an easy-to-follow nutrition plan that works!

  • You are ready to overcome negative and anxious thinking!

Who is Yahudith?

Self-care +

Nutrition = Freedom

Let me paint a picture:

Imagine having a coach who's been right where you are, guiding you through your challenges and cheering you on toward greater heights. It's like having a supportive friend who believes in your potential and wants to see you soar.

Sure, there might be moments of discomfort on this journey, but when you reach that next level of healing, it's like shedding the weight that's been holding you back, allowing you to spread your wings and finally take flight.

This was NOT my experience in the journey to healing from emotional eating and poor eating habits BUT I learned a lot and received a rock journey toward health so that YOU DON'T HAVE TO!

My healing transformation journey spans over 13 years. It started by just wanting to be a better mother. I felt this urge to get healthier and create a life that our new (unborn) daughter wouldn't live in a world that was constantly in sickness.

Little did I know that it would send me down a journey of years of study, receiving emotional mentoring, and becoming a true advocate for nutritional health and holistic living for Black women (and people everywhere honestly).

In this journey, I learned three facts that shaped my work and has produced results for people that I've worked work (that believe will help you):

  • I learned that almost every disease can be healed or prevented through the gut.

  • I learned that many of our struggles have to do with not understanding our bodies, culture, and what is ACTUALLY needed to heal, rejuvenate, and thrive.

  • I learned that mindset is the core of most of our nutritional struggles. Once we get to the root of the core, we can achieve our nutrition and wellness goals.

Through education around these three statements, I received incredible and invaluable insights that not only saved my life but also paved the way for me to rediscover my purpose in serving others.

Personalized Coaching with a Proven System

I've developed a method that empowers Black women to transition from point A to point B in their nutrition journey, without getting lost in the weeds along the way.

This approach embraces holistic healing, divided into three stages:

Stage 1 is the Detox:

Together, I help you confront toxic habits and behaviors head-on with a proven, action-oriented strategy. By challenging the lies we tell ourselves, building healthy boundaries, and strengthening our minds we replace negativity with positive reinforcement, fostering lasting growth.

Stage 2 is the Lifestyle Shift:

Identifying and dismantling toxic emotional cycles that shape and drive our thoughts, and eating habits, preventing breakthroughs.

This deep self-awareness is key to unlocking true transformation.

Stage 3 is the Transformation:

Here, we master our healing journey by aligning our self-care routines with our emotional growth. We uncover triggers, completing the mindset shift necessary to create a life abundant in joy, purpose, and fulfillment.

(And as a fantastic bonus, you'll discover a newfound love for your body, boosting your confidence and radiance.)

Through this methodology...

My goal is to help you to experience how anything is possible. If you are motivated to take that next step toward your next major breakthrough, I can help you achieve it.

I believe in being authentic with my sisters and letting you all see the real me.

So here I go with a few fun facts about me:

  • I am a wife and mother of 4 AMAZINGLY CUTE, BEAUTIFUL, INTELLIGENT children who love Yah (Psalm 68:4 KJV) and love being creative.

  • My superpower is empathy, spoken word, and finding superpowers in other people.

  • I LOVE learning languages and reading scripture. The bible is my best friend (outside my husband), and my relationship with the Father, Yahuah, and Yahusha (the Messiah) is everything to me.

  • I LOVE people and helping people, but I also need to moments to recharge. I always have to retreat after a lot of "people-ing" to rest, recharge, and restore my mind.

  • I enjoy traveling the world, and so far, I have been across the US, Canada, England, Italy (twice), Israel, and the airports of Germany, Switzerland, Netherlands (which are AMAZING!).

What's Next, Sis?

If you got this far in the "About Me" page, I am guessing that something resonated with you. If that's true, I would love the opportunity to connect with you!
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