What if You Could Break Free from Emotional Eating and Low Self-Esteem to Embrace A Life of Love, Joy, and Impact?

As Black women, so many of us struggle with the false identity of Superwoman and are not given space by society to stop and focus on us. So often, Black women self-care is ignored and brushed off with “You are a strong, independent woman. You got this!”. It’s easy to feel as if no one cares about Black women’s mental healing and feel alone in trying to overcome obstacles when no one is there is truly listen.

But sis, You are not alone.

You don’t have to navigate through the healing journey alone.

You don’t have to overcome obstacles alone.

You can break the cycle of feeling that you have to act or behave a “certain way”.

You can be safe to feel vulnerable and afraid while you are healing and become the better version of you.

You can master your emotions and overcome daily challenges to experience unspeakable joy.

You can stop self-sabotage in every area of your life and truly experience the joy you deserve with purpose.

You were created to be more than what society offers Black women.

All you have to do to become that amazing woman inside is take intentional, actionable steps to Nourish and Thrive.

Freedom from emotional eating
Freedom from emotional eating
Are you tired of feeling trapped in overwhelming binge-eating cycles that stop you from achieving or maintaining your dream weight?
What if there was a way break the cycle, maintain your dream weight, and create a lifestyle that inspires and empowers others?

Nourish and Thrive Coaching

Nourish and Thrive Coaching is your safe place and support crafted for Black women who desire to feel empowered to overcome emotional eating, conquer anxieties, and transform their lifestyle to empower their communities.

This program provides you the tools to achieve physical and emotional breakthroughs that unlock lasting results in weight loss and overall weight management.

I provide you with easy, actionable steps to achieve your weight loss goals. I provide consistent support and accountability, and I empower you with the tools to continue succeeding in your weight management journey long after our coaching calls.

This 12-week 1:1 coaching program is designed to help you:
  • Unlearn Toxic Habits that keep you in cycles of binge eating
  • Unlock Breakthroughs through practical steps and easy to following coaching instructions
  • Unleash Your Inner Nurturer that allows you to be forward-thinking and be able to dream again!

Here’s how working with me will take you from A to B:

Nourish and Thrive Coaching is my signature transformation program, thoughtfully tailored to help you reshape your vision of life in 5 key areas:

My support is completely personalized to your unique story and goals to help you break through “stuck” thought processes and jump hurdles toward freedom and the life you’ve always wanted to live.

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What you’ll get in this 6-month program?

  1. 12 Bi-Monthly 1:1 Shub Methodology Coaching Sessions (2 - 45min sessions a month for 6 months)

  2. Monthly Deep Dive Group Coaching Sessions and Support

  3. Frequent, Consistent, and Supportive Coaching via Email and Text

  4. Monthly Private Podcast and Newsletter + Book Recommendations

  5. Weekly Actionable Readings, Affirmations, and Activities

  6. Access to Private Members-Only Resource Portal and Community

  7. Access to Call Recordings and Downloadable Workbooks

  8. (Coming Soon!) Discounted Ticket to Annual Nourish and Thrive Retreat

Ready to give yourself permission to embrace your future and release past experiences?

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