Nutrition Coaching + Community at an affordable price

Gain access to the proven system that helps you break free from emotional eating cycles and achieve the weight loss goals you desire.

If any of these questions resonated with you, I want to let you know that though it may feel easier to battle alone - you don't have to.

It's time to break free and transform your mindset with a faith-based approach that empowers you to overcome any obstacle.

My mission is to help you unlock breakthroughs, unlearn toxic habits, and unleash the inner power placed inside you to be nourished and thrive.

And I believe that I have the perfect program for you to ensure that you not only achieve the freedom you are looking for, but also ensure your path to weight loss is one that will last!

  • No more feelings of being overwhelmed by the weight loss journey.
  • No longer feeling stuck in a weight loss/gain rollercoaster.
  • No longer bound by toxic emotional cycles that steal your focus in your weight loss journey.

Lioness Inner Circle

Lioness Inner Circle is your safe place and support system that takes weight loss success to a whole new level. This community is crafted for Black women by Black women to consistently unlock breakthroughs, Unlearn toxic habits, and Unleash their inner lioness.

We focus on empowerment to conquer anxieties, master emotions, and overcome daily challenges that trigger toxic habits. This program embraces your femininity and enables you with the tools to achieve mental, emotional, and nutritional breakthroughs that unleash the freedom to be yourself in every situation.

Here, you'll experience step-by-step weight loss help, consistent support, accountability, and a clear understanding of what next steps you need to take to be completely focused and in tune with yourself.

This community coaching program is designed to help you:
  • Unlearn Toxic Habits and Toxic Ways of Thinking
  • Unlock Breakthroughs through practical steps and easy to following coaching instructions
  • Unleash Your Inner Lioness that allows you to be a confident, forward-thinker and with results to match!

Here’s how working with me will take you from A to B:

Lioness Inner Circle is a hybrid coaching program and community that produces measurable results and mental (and emotional) breakthroughs through thoughtfully tailored content that will help you reshape your vision of life in 5 key areas:

My support is completely personalized to your unique story and goals to help you break through “stuck” thought processes and jump hurdles toward freedom and the life you’ve always wanted to live.

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What you’ll get in this community?

  1. Monthly Shub Methodology Coaching Sessions

  2. Weekly Community Coaching Videos and challenges

  3. Monthly Deep Dive Group Coaching Sessions and Support

  4. Frequent, Consistent, and Supportive Coaching via Email

  5. Weekly Actionable Readings, Meal Plan Templates, Affirmations, and Activities

  6. Access to Private Members-Only Resource Portal and Community

  7. Access to Call Recordings and Downloadable Workbooks

  8. (Coming Soon!) Discounted Ticket to Annual Nourish and Thrive Retreat

Ready to give yourself permission to embrace your future and release past experiences?

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Lioness Inner Circle

$49 per month

$499 per year